Distinctive Events.

MRG has established a craft cocktail program that is without equal. The simple goal of crafted cocktails is to create unique and interesting beverages by taking the best liquors and combining them with house concocted mixers, syrups and botanicals. We make many of our own syrups and bitters, hand squeeze juices and even age some of our own cocktails in oak barrels. We use local and seasonal ingredients, hand-made spirits that are distinct and exceptional in their origins and produced in small batches by local artisans. Our mixologists are trained in the fine art of both classic and modern bar production techniques; from early era cocktail favorites such as the Aviation or the Zombie, to the standards such as Martinis and Manhattans, or house favorites such as the Name Dropper. Our highly skilled and award-winning bartenders are familiar with customizing to the guest’s needs and for any occassion.

We are always looking for a challenge, we think outside of the box and love to push limits. We reject that which is easy, the norm. We are in this business to please, to serve, to exceed expectations. We believe that mixology is a craft, and we are passionate about it.

We believe in fresh. In local. Grain to Glass.

This commitment to always offering the best is what makes MC&E the most highly respected and sought after cocktail catering company in the area.